Stow Capital LLC

Risk, Capital Management & Consulting

Stow Capital LLC is engaged in Risk, Capital Management & Consulting, primarily in the medical space. We create opportunities, assist in developing new products, enter new markets, and increase market share for clients. Powered by Tina Stow, CFE, the Firm can engage on an individual project basis, or on a more holistic basis to substantially increase EBITDA, or as one point of contact between Practice, stakeholders, and all things external - professional and personal. Occasionally, more creative projects are developed inhouse and pitched to prospective clients we would like to engage with.

With COVID 19 impact on small and medium size healthcare Practices, we use our extensive knowledge of SBA loans to provide relief for stakeholders. We are SBA restructuring specialists working with restructuring attorneys to renegotiate SBA loan terms in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy re-organizations. There is much more to these loans than what the lender makes available to borrowers. Borrowers should enter a re-organization well informed and utilize ALL the benefits the SBA extends to borrowers, not only those which enrich the bank.

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